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London taxi : a day in a London Cab

by Robert R. KEBBI
London taxi (Cab)

A day in a London taxi (or a London Cab)

A day in a London taxi : London Taxi  photo (London Cab illustrated by a poem of a taxi driver, William Gray (badge 55572) called « a day in a cab »

A day in a cab

Driving around London by day or by night
I never tire of this city or its wondrous sights
Taking the public to where they want to be
Shopping malls, meetings, musueums and galleries
Sitting on the rank at Paddington waiting for a fare
Or feeling frustrated, stuck in traffic going nowhere
If I am lucky, I’ll get an airport run
Another time, it’ll be road works and road closures and really is no fun
I’ve picked up the rich and the famous, some like to chat at ease
Others see the cab as confession box, but their secrets stay with me

William Gray, badge 55572

Did you know ? :

Horse-drawn hackney carriages began providing taxicab service in the early 17th century. In 1636 the number of carriages was set at 50, an early example of taxicab regulation. In the same year, the owner of four hackney carriages established the first taxicab stand in The Strand. After 1662 hackneys were regulated by the Commissioners of Scotland Yard. In the early 19th century cabriolets (cabs for short) replaced the heavier and more cumbersome hackney carriages. Battery-operated taxis appeared briefly at the end of the 19th century, but the modern taxicab service took off with the appearance of petrol-powered taxis in 1903. In 1907 meters were first introduced to calculate the fare and were set at 8d (8 pence) for the first mile. Today, taxicab service in London is provided by the famous black cabs (typically the distinctive FX4 depicted in the photo to the right) and by minicabs.

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