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Venice Italy : venetian pink

by Robert R. KEBBI
Venice Italy : venetian pink

Venice Italy : venetian pink

The Marble roses

Our marbles, stone tombs,
Funeral or are prosaic.
The marbles are beautiful roses
Almost gold mosaics.

The sky rising just land
On their fineness watercolors
Looks like he gives a kiss
to rouge gorge doves.

In agreements and trembling blond
Summarizing the sweetness of things,
The divine blood of white marble
Lives in the veins of pink marble.

Side that is coming sea
Sea and delicate,
They tend to space bitter
Their radiant clarity mate.

They have voice and eyes;
And when the tide rises,
They seek if the flags
Do not float to the Morea.

Albert Mérat – The Marble roses1869

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Venice Italy : venetian pink

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